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The company CVS Žamberk, s.r.o. has bought the rest of lodge in 2009 from the owner which bought torso of lodge in 2003. He had an idea of reconstruction, but due to complications with building permission he stepped back from this idea.
In the year 2009 project for building permission was ordered. The permission came at the beginning of 2010.
At the same time request for EU grant was sent. At the beginning of 2010 request for company CVS Žamberk s.r.o. was approved. It was 60 % from total expense (41.878.320,00 Kč without DPH)
Project for the lodge reconstruction was focused for restoration. The most important criterion was original look of building.
One of the original entrance was also restored. The object preserved ground plan and all proportions. The chalet has four floors like before.
Shape of the building, their structure and architectural look was suggested with consideration to original construction.
Reconstruction of the lodge began in march 2011 and the tourist lodge were reopened 5.7.2012.

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