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Kramářova tourist lodge


Kramářova tourist lodge

The lodge has a rich history and together with the observation tower they became a symbol of Suchý Vrch and surrounding area. Today its tourist destination not only for tourists from this region and surrounded areas, but there are tourist from the whole Czech Republic.

Kramářova tourist lodge on Suchy vrchl (995 m.), nine years after wildfire in 2003 is opened to the public again. Reconstruction was carried out with the greatest respect to the original form. The lodge continues the tradition of the original lodge, which was built in 1928 and construction were symbolic demonstration by Czech tourism movement against population of German nationality inhabited at this territory. Former investor was the Club of Czech tourists Jablonné nad Orlicí.

In the summer its suitable place for hiking or cycling. Tourists came here for the beauties of nature on the border between Bohemia and Moravia, as well as for monuments. Favorite places are also artillery forts that were built in the border region during the Second World War, e.g. Bouda.

In the winter it is cross-country skiing paradise with dozens of kilometers trails. There are also downhill skiing resorts nearby: Ski Park Červená Voda, Dolní Morava and Ski Resort in Čenkovice.

The lodge offers:

4-5 bed apartments and double rooms in high standard

restaurant with traditional Czech and European cuisine

2 lounges



observation tower

Kramářova tourist lodge is an ideal destination for summer and winter holidays, for relaxation, tourism and sport. Lodge can also satisfy more demanding requirements, such as various social and corporate events. There are quality and good facilities for family reunions, weddings, as well as company meetings or workshops.




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