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History of the Kramářova tourist lodge

In the saddle between two peaks Kramářova tourist lodge were built in 1928 by the architect Jaroslav Stejskal.
(History of Suchý Vrch is even older - already in 1925 there was with load of 10,000 crowns a wooden shelter built to protect tourist against bad weather).
The foundation stone was laid on 22.8. 1926, the inauguration took place 6.7.1928 in attendance of the local population.
Construction of cottage became demonstrations of Czech tourist movement, increasingly penetrating the border, largely German regions.
That is why the building was named after the first Prime Minister, Karel Kramar. 26.8. 1937, president Dr. E. Benes stopped here for the lunch
with his staff during an inspection tour of the fortifications. In his entourage was also general-in-chief L. Krejci.

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Observation tower Suchý Vrch
Tower next to the tourist lodge offers view to the Eagle and Bystřické Mountains,Sneznik,Jesenik, Žamberecko etc.,
was built as a water tower in the years 1931 to 1932 by the architect A. Parkmann.


After 1938, there were many owners and its name and appearance changed several times. 16.3. 1939 the lodge were occupied by the German army and was
established as a Rehabilitation department for the injured pilot. After the war the lodge was reopened to the public.

In 1953 the lodge was taken over by the army (in exchange for Luční Bouda in the Giant Mountains) and was used as a recreational center for the army until 1961.
After that the lodge were returned to the general public use. In the sixties the tower were equipped with television antennas, while the upper terrace were glazed.
In the eighties, all top of the tower disappeared under a metal cone-shaped body and left only lower glass walkway.
In September 1984, was steel hexagonal tower built next to the lodge, 48 meters high, serving as telecommunications equipment.